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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
10:20 pm - Angels don't wear anklets
My excuse for not updating is a paraphrase of something that was said by either Tallulah Bankhead or Mae West, I don't remember which: Good girls keep diaries. Bad girls are too busy. This bad boy has been out on the town with bad girl friends, one from way back and one just met. Also in the past few days I've gone to a cathedral and to the Japan Society. There are a lot of different things to do in New York, to say the least.

current mood: bad boy at heart


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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
1:55 am - York, New
New York is definitely the place for me to be right now, I can tell already that both the city and the company I'll have will help lift me from my doldrums. I've be in a whirlwind of shopping and dancing and who-knows-what with assorted friends. I asked Emily to take me somewhere I've never been before, and I know she's just the girl to do that. I tried to soothe Claire's bustling-ness in preparing for her trip to Japan, but I fear I just annoyed her. Sorry, love.

I'm always up for meeting new people, and today it was Toni Collette, who will also be in New York soon, at which time we will dance and shop for anything but shoes. I do like shopping sometimes but somehow I just can't stand shoe shopping, whether for myself or someone else. Toni surprised me with the one and only film of mine she's seen thus far. Not Gothic or one of the Warlock films or Helena or Phantom... but Arachnophobia. Well, it was a fun one to make, that's for sure.

I came out of hibernation just in time to see the arrival of Helena Bonham Carter, my co-star in A Room with a View, which I've always considered my breakout film (as much of a breakout as I had, anyway) and one of my favourites.

I'm staying at the Chelsea, at least for a few days. It's not most posh or elegant, but I'm not the most posh or elegant kind of person. I like the history and creativity that permeates the walls, the ghosts and muses that float in the high ceilings. I'm reminded that I've never gotten around to reading any Hunter S. Thompson, and even though now it rather feels like closing the barn door after the horse has been stolen, I'm going to try some anyway.

It's still hard for me to talk about what happened this Fall, the glory that ultimately sent me into a tailspin, not that it was his fault in any way. For now, let's just say that I'm very grateful for friends who have welcomed me back so warmly even after I dropped of the face of the planet for a while. Very grateful.

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Monday, February 28th, 2005
11:49 am
Another night of annual Hollywood glitter and glamour has come and gone. I paid only marginal attention to the telecast, watching mostly for friends and people I've worked with. I guess I do have some sentiment in me.

London is dreary this time of year. Months of cold wet grey gets tiring and tempts me to go elsewhere, especially since I'm between projects right now. I'm open to suggestions for destinations and adventures.

I also need an AIM name. Suggestions for that will be even more appreciated.

ETA: I am on my way to New York City to visit Emily and her son Sam, and whoever else might be in that fine metropolis.

current mood: grey


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Thursday, November 11th, 2004
9:31 pm - Too lazy for a proper update
But just to remind everyone that yes, I am still alive... and besides, how could I resist a meme about books?

Hardback or Paperback? paperback. not as large and heavy to hold whilst eating.
Highlight or Underline? depends on the thickness and type of paper
Lewis or Tolkien? both, of course. Tolkien if I must choose.
E.B. White or A.A. Milne? see above. White.
T.S. Eliot or e.e. cummings? cummings
Stephen King or Dean Koontz? King, although I do enjoy many of Koontz' works, too, especially Watchers

Barnes & Noble or Borders? Hatchard's in London
Waldenbooks or B. Dalton? Powell's in Portland, Oregon
Fantasy or Science Fiction? SF
Horror or Suspense? good horror like Poe or Lovecraft or King's best
Bookmark or Dogear? bookmarks for where I left off, tapeflags for bits I liked and want to refer to later, dogears in paperbacks if I haven't any tapeflags handy

Hemingway or Faulkner? Ring Lardner
Fitzgerald or Steinbeck? James Thurber
Homer or Plato? Plato
Geoffrey Chaucer or Edmund Spenser? Chaucer
Pen or Pencil? pen for writing. sometimes pencil for drawing.
Looseleaf or Notepad? notepad
Alphabetize: fiction by genre, then author. nonfiction by subject, then author
Dustjacket: On or Off? Off and put somewhere that it won't get squished.
Novella or Epic? Epic. I like characterization, thanks.
John Grisham or Scott Turow? haven't tried either
J.K. Rowling or Lemony Snicket? see above, but... having read what another person answered to this, it's time to try to Snicket: I'm a sudden and utter fan of Snicket's since he got personally *banned* for faint spurious non-reasoning (spelled political) reasons from the prestigious SF Academy of Arts in the Spring of 2004 where he had been invited to speak to a class on the subject of banned books (some of his children's books have been, apparently). grrrrrrrROAR.

John Irving or John Updike? John Stuart Mill
Fiction or Non-fiction? both, in quantity. depends on my mood/reasons for reading at the time.
Historical Biography or Historical Romance? Biography, though I've found some historical romances that are very well written and researched, like those by Mary Jo Putney and Carla Kelly.

A Few Pages per Sitting or Finish at Least a Chapter? at least a chapter, if not several.
Short Story or Creative Non-fiction Essay? story
"It was a dark and stormy night" or "Once upon a time"? latter
Buy or Borrow? buy
Book Reviews or Word of Mouth? WoM, by far

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Saturday, October 30th, 2004
7:30 am - [OOC]
[into every life a few brackets must fall]Collapse )

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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
10:01 am - oh bollocks
A friend's seven year old daughter mentioned that she had seen A Room With A View and that it was "pretty."

It didn't connect in my brain until now that Room has a scene with quite a lot of full frontal male nudity, one third of it mine. Normally I'm not shy about nudity. Normally I'm not used to seven year old girls seeing it.

Please tell me, Father dearest, that you did not let her watch that scene?

current mood: scared


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Monday, October 18th, 2004
4:06 am - Acquaintance, friendship, love...
In a previous entry I referred to a person I'm acquainted with and then I said more on that later. The more isn't so much about him specifically as it is about relationships in general. When I was writing the entry, I first wrote "a friend", then I realised that wasn't strictly true. Then I was going to write "someone I know." Even less true. Not that this is a significant revelation, only that it struck me as strange, and made me think about assorted friendships, not-yet-friendships, wanting-more-than-friendships, and all manner of other permutations.

I'm sure we all have plenty of acquaintances that we are happy to have remain that way. Once in a while I met someone I'd like to get to know better, not in the winkwinknudgenudge sense, but someone I think might be interesting to become friends with. Usually it's because I admire their work, or we have mutual friends, or their mind, manner, and/or personality intrigue me. Sometimes all of these.

Wanting-more-than-friendships... I've mentioned the young man who I've felt this way about for awhile. I finally told him how I felt, and my greatest, fondest hopes were realised. We spent the weekend together, attending a function he was committed to, then travelled north to where he's filming. Give me a book or a computer or pen and paper and I can entertain myself anywhere, but it's a city I enjoy anyway, so I'll be happy to prowl around during the day while he's working, then curl up with him at night.

Will it turn to love? He isn't sure that he's ever been in love before. Will I be the one who gets the privilege of showing him that glory?

current mood: very very warm


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Thursday, October 14th, 2004
7:20 pm - Life isn't just about taking risks. Life is risk.
A person I'm acquainted with more on that later recently said, and though i might not survive..... what a way to go, huh?

To me, this says some of the same things as one of Denholm's best lines. I've quoted it before and will again till you all know it by heart and finally rent the film just to see Denholm deliver it in context. At the side of the everlasting "why?" there is a "yes" and a "yes" and a "yes"!

My woman friend with the Shakespeare loving beau is smitten. It appears that the beau is smitten, as well. She wondered to me why his starting an email with a simple "hey there girl" has her all swoony. I said, "Because it's him saying it. To you." She said, "Damn, I'm easy." and I said, "No, love, you aren't. So when it happens, you don't fuck around."

I've been trying to go slowly with the young man I'm interested in. In some ways, he is very very young. In other ways, older than I. Then again, aren't we all like that? A mixture, a walking bag of contradictions. When the time comes to let people know we are together, there will be a lot of naysayers. I'm too old for him. He's too young for me. He's only sleeping with me to boost his career. I'm only sleeping with him to revitalise mine. I will listen to and consider the opinions of those who are my friends and those I respect. One of the many things he and I have in common is that we live by our own rules, in our own way.

The time has come for an increase in velocity. Not an abrupt one, but as smooth as I can make it. He has warning. He knows whether to brace himself... or not. How I would love to be able to sweep him away.

Dear boy, gonna make you a man

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Thursday, October 7th, 2004
4:50 pm - Old friends, long gone
I happened to catch a bit of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade earlier today, and was reminded, as I often am, of my dear departed friend Denholm Elliott, who played Indy's friend and colleague, museum curator Marcus Brody, and with whom I worked in A Room With A View. Denholm was father, I was son, both onscreen and off. He was like his character, Mr. Emerson, in so many ways: bold, brash, free-thinking, eccentric, intelligent, but at the same time loving and compassionate to all. Room was my first starring role, and I learned at least as much from Denholm as George learned from his father. When speaking once of playing supporting roles, which he so often played, garnering an Oscar nod for Room, he said, "I can make two lines seem like Hamlet." By God, he could and did.

"At the side of the everlasting "why?" there is a "yes." And a "yes" and a "yes!"

I don't think I ever told Den how much he truly meant to me, both while working on Room and in all the years after, when we remained good friends. I know that he knew, but I should have said the words regardless.

I shan't make this same mistake now. Brace yourself.

p.s. I re-keyed many of my icons, many with lines from Room, most of them Denholm's since he had the best ones.

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
11:19 am - Is it strange in here or is it just me?
I was going to write an entry about friendship and attraction, but my mind is too boggled by this.

Please tell me what you think of this situation:

A female mate of mine has been corresponding online with a gentleman for purposes of possible romance, et cetera. Both are American University-educated professionals. He was surprised (happily so) that she owned some volumes of Shakespeare. ????? Don't most educated/intellectual people own at least one volume of Shakespeare?

Behold, my non-scientific poll:
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Essay Questions (optional; bonus points will be given):
1. What is your favourite Shakespeare play (or film, please include version/year/star/other identifying information) and why?
2. What is your least favourite Shakespeare play (or film) and why?
3. Which Shakespeare play that you haven't yet seen/read would you like to and why?
4. Do you prefer to read plays, watch them, or act in them? Why?
5. In general, do you like Shakespeare's plays? Why or why not?
6. What is your favourite line(s) or speech(es)?
7. Who are some playwrights whose works you enjoy?

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Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
9:40 am - On Kisses
New kisses from an old mate are some of the very best.

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
11:43 pm - There's no such thing as Actor's Block
Which may be part of why I'm an actor, not a writer or a musician or a visual artist. Someone else gives me words and actions and I interpret them. It was much easier to be the voice of Sir Lancelot for Biker Mice from Mars than to think of something witty or poetic or profound to write here.

Let's make a deal, shall we? You leave me some nice comment about how you fancy me in this role or that; or how you went to see Arachnophobia five times at the cinema just to see me, not for the giant spiders; or what you might do to inspire me. Then I'll write a good entry for my second post.

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